Innovative File Transfer and Management

FTP, SFTP, FTPS, UNC, and local folder Monitoring and Email Notification with
You've Got Files!

Automatically send a file arrival notification email or launch an application when there is a change in the contents of a monitored FTP site, monitored FTPS site, watched SFTP site, monitored local folder, or watched network folder.
Schedule scanning of each monitored location by hour of day, day of week, and day of month.

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Printing Companies use email notification.
Johnson Printing's press supervisor, salesman, and customer needed to be notified when new files had arrived on a customer-by-customer basis. You've Got Files! ability to provide custom email notification by directory was key to meeting this need.
Estey Printing's Bill Eikenberry says "Now I won't have to hear somebody screaming at me that they uploaded files to the ftp server 2 days ago!!!"
American Color had a master font directory, multiple sites needed to be notified of any changes to that directory. You've Got Files! sends an email notification if the file time or file size has changed.
Fry Communications uses multiple copies of You've Got Files! to generate email notification of files arriving from customers as well as files being moved between facilities using Niwot's Gigabyte Express™ file transfer software.

Financial Institutions use email notification.
Compunet Credit Services "We have specialized automated software that uploads files to a FTP server from clients all over the country. We need to know when these files are uploaded, so we can import the data as soon as it arrives. You've Got Files! fits perfectly. The best product of its kind we've found. Great job!"
Matthew Steinblock, Compunet Credit Services, Inc.
Heartland Financial Monitors a Netware volume for arriving financial documents.
Fast Cash Processors receive an email notification when their FAX server places loan applications and information in a monitored directory.

Printed Circuit Board manufacturers use email notification.
Titan PCB, Jabil Circuit, Titan EMS, Harbor Electronics Printed Circuit Board manufacturers are notified by email of incoming orders and specifications.

Direct Mail printers use email notification.
Texas Mail Center and Alaniz are notified by email of incoming lists and specifications to be used in printing a variety of direct mail pieces.

Other uses of email notification:
Media Interface Ltd reports: Our Neurosurgeon customer wanted to know when her radiology image files were ready for review, so I'm having You've Got Files! monitor the folders and send an email to her Blackberry when the needed files have arrived. Since she is at several Hospitals, this solution multiplies her availability for patient care and follow-up."...Ronald R Erickson
State of New Hampshire has multiple pages on its web site that may be modified by many departments. The web administrator uses You've Got Files! to monitor the entire web site and be notified by email of any changes.
On Course Information Systems monitors a mixture of mounted drives and FTP-accessible volumes. Their business involves sending large numbers of files to a customer's FTP site, they use You've Got Files! to monitor the FTP site and generate an alert to the customer when file transfers are complete.
Bases Loaded, Inc. is a service bureau that converts PPO (Preferred Provider Organizations) provider, facility, and fee schedule data into their client's specifications. Bases Loaded uses You've Got Files! to notify their clients when their formatted data files are available.

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